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OCTOBER 8, 2008

The Magic Wardrobe was selected by event specialists in concept, design and marketing of location based entertainment to design an original animation Bat Heroine and TV reproduction vampiress [Lily Munster] costumes for a celebrity charity event in NYC.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2008

The Magic Wardrobe was selected by the Levi Strauss Company
window display department to design custom costume items for nationwide window displays for the fall season and Christmas.

APRIL 9, 2008

The Magic Wardrobe was selected by costume designer Annie Rothschild with Coquette Productions, co-founded by David Arquette and Courtney Cox, to provide costume items for a film based on the Butler’s in Love painting by Mark Stock, starring
Paul Reubens and Maria Lamance, directed by David Arquette.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2007

The Magic Wardrobe was selected by corporate events planner to design video game costumes of Cleopatra and Barbarian for the Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution video game release at the E for All Expo in Los Angeles, CA.

AUGUST 9, 2007

The Magic Wardrobe was selected by marketing group to design video game costumes of Seraph and Ophanum [Angel and Devil] for the Mind Storm Alpha Omega role playing game release at Wizard World in Chicago, IL.

JUNE 29, 2007

The Magic Wardrobe was selected by corporate events planner to design video game costumes of master assassin Altair [The Flyer] for the Ubisoft Assassin's Creed video game release at Comic-Con in San Diego, CA.

APRIL 17, 2007

The Magic Wardrobe was selected by U.R.O.K. Productions costume designer Janie Bryant at LA Center Studios to design costume items for a 50's TV series pilot for American Movie Classics. TMW may be contributing to other costumes soon.

NOVEMBER 1, 2006

The Magic Wardrobe announces cyber doll Venus 1, reproduced from the original molds by Mario. Venus 1 has been widely seen in Playboy, Hustler and Libido magazines, on HBO, and in public venues such as the Consumer Electronics & Software (CES) convention in Las Vegas and Reno, the Erotic Museum in New York City, and at the Speakeasy Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.

OCTOBER 22, 2006

The Magic Wardrobe was selected by Just Claus for an original Victorian style Santa Claus costume to bring joy to many. Coming soon are other original designs worn by Father Christmas, elves and reproductions of Mrs. and Auntie Claus and Mr. Pudding.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2006

The Magic Wardrobe was selected by NBC Las Vegas TV series costume designer Jennifer Bryan of Culver Studios to design costume items for recent filming. TMW may be contributing to other Las Vegas costumes soon.

APRIL 9, 2008


The Magic Wardrobe introduces it's new Star Wars Return of the Jedi Princess Leia Slave Girl Bikini Costume [Futuristic Slave Girl] and announces the beginning of a limited-edition super deluxe version for the high-end "detail enthusiast" collectibles market. This bikini will be widely seen on a TV spot coming soon.

AUGUST 10, 2006

The Magic Wardrobe's Gainsborough's Blue Boy and Purple Pixie costumes worn by web celeb Randy Constan, a.k.a., Peter Pan. Randy is back in the news with Leslie Hall and The Tron Man in the video We Are The Web advocating net neutrality.

JULY 20, 2006

The Magic Wardrobe's comic book version Wonder Woman [Amazon Warrior Princess] costume images were widely distributed at Comic-Con. Valerie was featured with a Comic-Con news story on Yahoo, the LA Times, Washington Post, CBS News and others. Images of Valerie with Adam Hughes coming soon. Photo Credit: AP Photo/Denis Poroy

APRIL 12, 2006

The Magic Wardrobe was selected by Centerra Wine Company's Pacific Wine Partners to design four original emu costumes for runners in The Bay To Breakers race in San Francisco, CA on May 21st representing four new varietals of wine labeled Four Emus from Australia.

JANUARY 19, 2006

It’s said "the force is strong with The Magic Wardrobe" because Mark Hamill, a.k.a. Luke Skywalker, had to see for himself some of our highly acclaimed life-size costumed celebrity mannequins in a growing Star Wars collection in Studio City, CA.

NOVEMBER 9, 2005

The Magic Wardrobe introduces original top designs modeled by the Coors Lite twins. The brassiere style top, worn by Diane on the right, and the corset style top worn by Elaine on the left are designed by John. When the Coors Lite Kimaszewski twins aren't inviting beer drinkers to parties in TV ads, they may be seen entertaining at events wearing these sexy new tops.

NOVEMBER 7, 2005

The Magic Wardrobe was selected by ad agency, Fuze LLC, to design original futuristic uniforms for a series of trade shows and ad campaigns for Bio Park Pass.

NOVEMBER 4, 2005

The Magic Wardrobe was selected by venture capitalists to design original uniforms and dance wear with a techno/space theme for bartenders, waiters, waitresses and dancers for a new high-end entertainment complex called 12th Planet which is opening soon.

NOVEMBER 3, 2005

The Magic Wardrobe was selected by corporate events planner, Passage Events, to design custom sheep/ram mascots used as car and pedestrian wavers for Timberland's Smartwool Treat Your Feet promotional campaigns nationwide. Store owners in all markets reported increased traffic and business.

APRIL 23, 2005

The Magic Wardrobe had its Aayla Secura [Futuristic Alien Female Warrior] costume worn by Cassandra featured at Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis with actress Amy Allen who played the Jedi in Attack of the Clones. Cassandra was also interviewed on two TV networks about the costume and met the original costume designer, Jan Duursema. We're told, "Amy sent for Cassandra so she could see the "twi'lek" everyone was talking about. Amy and Jan thought it was the best they've seen."


The Magic Wardrobe is again a proud sponsor of the Full Circle Events Witches' Ball in Palo Alto, CA on October 23rd. This exotic charity masquerade ball celebrates the "incredible wealth of culture, commerce and cooperation found along the historic Silk Road..." Join us in a costume contest and win an opportunity to make a contribution in your name to the Humane Society.

AUGUST 19, 2004

The Magic Wardrobe is the Official Wardrobe Sponsor of Zoolook Entertainment's The Greatest Story Never Told II -- a worldwide animation and filmmaker storytelling competition beginning September 17th.

AUGUST 18, 2004

The Magic Wardrobe had its Supreme Kaioshin video game costume [Galaxy Protector] worn by Derek featured at the Sony Metreon First Official Consumer Showing of Budokai 3 in San Francisco. DragonBall Z creator, Daisuke Uchiyama, dressed as Goku played Derek in three exhibition matches in front of everyone on TV and was featured in a trailer by GameSpot - look 27 min. in.

JULY 24, 2004

The Magic Wardrobe had its Mara Jade comic book costume [Futuristic Female Warrior] worn by Tracy featured at Comic-Con International in San Diego with Star Wars lead actor Ray Park who plays none other than Darth Maul.

JULY 17, 2004

The Magic Wardrobe had its authentic Gainsborough's Blue Boy and an original costume called Purple Pixie, co-designed with Randy Constan, featured on Late Night with Conan O'Brien thanks to web personality, Peter Pan.

APRIL 20, 2004

The Magic Wardrobe is partnered with BFG Communications providing dozens of original flapper style costumes with an edgy, hip and modern twist for RJR Camel's Roaring 2000's 20 Cities Sin City Tour, which is currently being advertised in print media and field marketing events nationwide.

APRIL 19, 2004

The Magic Wardrobe sponsored the Full Circle Events San Jose Beltane Ball. This year's theme was Wild Wood -- the beauty, lush fertility and beckoning romance of spring's awakening. All manner of fairy and fae costumes, including sprites, dryads, elves, satyrs and nymphs were safe to dance and mingle in peace and harmony at this elegant ball.

APRIL 9, 2004

The Magic Wardrobe was selected by one of America’s top promotional agencies, BFG Communications, for several original costume designs for a new RJR Camel marketing campaign. "We selected The Magic Wardrobe because the costumes need to be custom made to fit each field market person... and we found someone with whom we can work on this project" - BFG

MARCH 20, 2004

The Magic Wardrobe's Vigilante Vest [The Punisher] was a huge hit at Wizard World in Los Angeles. Zen met the entire cast and ended up on Playboy TV with The Punisher lead actor, Thomas Jane. Zen was also invited to wear the vest at the Red Carpet movie premiere in Los Angeles.

FEBRUARY 27, 2003

The Magic Wardrobe again sponsored Fan Faire in Las Vegas for players of EverQuest II. The Magic Wardrobe may be making several game costumes for Fan Faire con staff in the near future.

NOVEMBER 8, 2002

The Magic Wardrobe was a proud sponsor of FanFaire in San Francisco -- the real-life social event for players of EverQuest. Make The Magic Wardrobe your designer for Medieval and Renaissance elves, dragons, wizards, trolls and ogre costumes.

OCTOBER 31, 2002

The Magic Wardrobe's Vampire Queen [Akasha, Queen of the Damned] costume worn by Marlene was interviewed on a Wild On E! - Trashy Lingerie Party. She was introduced as the female with the most original and amazing costume by the host. She did a turn for the camera and was asked some questions regarding why she picked our costume. She said, "I love Aaliyah... and was confident we could make this amazing costume."

OCTOBER 19, 2002

The Magic Wardrobe's Vampire Queen and Vampire Princess costumes were worn at The Exotic Erotic Ball. Marlene as the Vampire Queen [Akasha, Queen of the Damned] may have won the costume contest had she not stepped aside when it became apparent that nudity was desirable on stage.

OCTOBER 12, 2002

The Magic Wardrobe's Vampire Princess and Risqué Satine costumes were featured at the Full Circle Events San Jose Witches' Ball. This year's theme was Bohemia and the Moulin Rouge -- "Where the Elite meets the Street." Our Vampire Princess received one of the Director's Choice Awards for best costume.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2002

The Magic Wardrobe's Vampire Greatcoat costume (greatcoat, shirt and pants with cod piece) could be a major costume ensemble in adult entertainment. Adult entertainer Azael wore the costume on Howard Stern in August and September with two of his more than twenty female co-stars to publicize an adult film. The costume may appear on Playboy TV, Cinemax and HBO's Real Sex, we're told.

JUNE 29, 2002

The Magic Wardrobe's Futuristic Alien Temptress [Trance Gemini from Gene Rodenberry's Andromeda] worn by Jade caught the attention of lead actress Laura Bertram and many fans at Adromeda Con. Jade was interviewed by Laura and said, " I probably won't wear it again since you signed the skirt!" Laura laughed and said, " I love it."



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