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The Magic Wardrobe provides unique expertise in designing a wide range of high-quality custom costumes, uniforms, mascots, characters, dance wear, fashions, accessories and props for corporate field events and staffing, including advertising, branding and marketing. We can help you get the "buzz" that increases sales and market awareness.

We're especially renowned for making many very accurate, high-end reproductions of popular movie and TV costumes. Our portfolio includes many fantasy, sci-fi, comics, cosplay, anime and manga costumes for both serious collectors and casual dress-up activities that also mimic popular characters from novels, comic books, music videos and video games. Our expertise also ranges from any type and era of historical costumes to street and runway fashions. Among very serious collectors we're increasingly recognized for our limited-edition, very realistic, designer celebrity and look-a-like life-size costumed mannequin displays in many private and public displays, including museums worldwide.

Our competitive advantages include exceptionally high quality, very attentive service using the highest quality materials to your exact measurements and specs. We don't simply ask for standard sizes, such as large, medium and small. We may ask for as many as 60 different measurements for a complete costume. Few items are off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-many. Everything is made to fit precisely. We are very attentive to detail and authenticity, your vision, and often commit hours of research to projects. You will notice the difference. We guarantee it.

We're grateful to our many clients for providing us recognition on many TV shows, such as Howard Stern, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O'Brien, Playboy TV and E! Entertainment, plus recognition in other media after winning costume contests at various events, cons, fairs and festivals. Thank you Chris for many technical contributions on projects. We're especially grateful to our employees, contractors and partners, including Mary, Richard, Debi, Randy, Tessy, Tom, Rani, Liz, Jim, Tamara, Miguel, Howard, Marc, Alex, John and Mario.

Thank you for your further consideration of our design expertise, products and services.



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