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What customers say:

“The costume [Corpse Bride] is truly amazing. Unfortunately, I didn't get pics, we went to Disneyland and were going to take shots in front of the Haunted Mansion... We called ahead and asked if it was okay to enter the park in a non-Disney costume and they said sure, but when we went they wouldn't let us in. However, tons of people in the parking lot and at the front gate had us pose for pictures with their kids, a group of Japanese businessmen got a shot of me standing with them. They all assumed I worked there, even though Corpse Bride wasn't a Disney movie.

It was maybe for the best since the camera ran out of batteries on the ride down (someone forgot to turn it off). We all had to go to Target, buy new clothes and change. Even there people came running over to see us, and some little girls jumped out of their shopping cart to come over and play with us. They're mom took a picture with her camera phone. It was a very convincing costume! We will be having a costume party, to make up for the lameness at Disneyland, in a few weeks where I will hopefully get some great pictures sent out to you.

It was an absolutely perfect costume. So much so that the guy at the front gate even said "If you were just wearing devil horns or something maybe, but we can't have someone in here whose going to make the rest of our characters look cheesy by comparison." Seems they're afraid of a little competition!”

La Jolla, CA

“I got the Dragon Lady yesterday evening. Its truly spectacular - a work of art! Incredible workmanship. That's what I find distinguishes you from a lot of the other costume-makers out there. The others can make costumes okay, but their handiwork is just okay. You're work is always so perfect and you always use high quality materials. And it fits me like a glove.

Also, it seems such a shame to wear the dress once to Dragon Con and then not again. I was thinking that maybe down the road, I would ask you to turn it into a normal evening dress, i.e., take the flames out and replaced it with a cap sleeve to match the other one (assuming this is possible). That way I could wear it to other occasions like weddings, etc.

Anyways, thanks again Liz for getting it here on time and for doing such an incredible job. I really LOVE it. It's another show stopper.”

Ottawa, Canada

“The costumes [Leia Endor Forest and Ceremonial Dresses] were very well received at C3. As soon as I get back at the end of this week, I'll send you some. Thanks again for doing such a great job! The costumes are not only beautiful, but also a joy to wear.”

Baltimore, MD

“I got the pants, shirt and jacket [Luke Ceremonial Uniform] in the mail this morning and they look and fit great!!!! You did an amazing job on this outfit and I can't thank you enough! We'll be sure to get pictures to you as soon as we can so you can see the fruits of you LABOR.

Again, thank you so much for all your hard work and I hope we can stay in touch. Actually, I'm sure we will since I'm sure we'll be using your services again."

Baltimore, MD

“I got the costume [Aayla Secura Jedi] yesterday, and FINALLY got to try it all on. :) Everything looks fabulous, and is really comfortable to wear. The lekku just look so awesome! The shirt and belt are perfect. I would even wear the shirt as everyday wear, haha. It looks really neat alone. :) I will send you pictures in April, after the convention takes place. I'm positive this costume is going to get ALOT of attention! Thanks again, and I will talk to you again in a couple months. *HUGS*”

Arlington Heights, IL

“Too perfect for words…the package arrived yesterday and I am overwhelmed! Everything [Han Solo] is great, from the fabric to the stitching to the embroidered blood stripes to the multi-pocket jacket...wow!!! I am very glad also that our miscommunication led to me also owning the infamous brown pants...now I have everything Solo wears and a few pieces of my own. Thank you very much for sending the brown pants so I can enjoy them at Celebration 3! Are you going? I'd like to say hello and thank you.”

Bridgeton , NJ

"... the costume [Superman - Christopher Reeve version] is far superior to what I expected. Thanks you so much for working with me and showing so much interest in helping me. I will be logging onto your web site the first of next week to give you an update on how my party went and all the praise I am sure to get with this wonderful suit. I will forward a picture to you also from the weekend. Thank you, thank you , thank you ..."

Seattle, WA

"The coat [The Punisher] is more perfect than I expected it to be."

Ft. Lee, NJ

"Just a quick note to tell you I received the vest [The Punisher] this morning. Fantastic!!! I am truly impressed. Thanks once again."

Lanark, England

"I wore one of your gold flapper costumes at the Camel Tour stop in
Cleveland. I can't tell you how many wonderful comments I received. The color was beautiful, and I felt extremely sassy all night long! The
fringe made my dances look more intriguing, and the costumer made the dress fit me perfectly."

Cleveland, OH

"Just a quick note to tell you that I received my Vampire Bride costume [Van Helsing Vampire Verona Bridal Gown] today. It is simply the most exquisite dress I’ve ever seen and it took my breath away! It turned out far better than I could possibly have imagined mostly because of your attention to detail. The pictures don’t do it justice compared to seeing it in person. The beadwork, appliqués and trim are incredible. I can’t believe that you put so much work into it! You did so much more than I expected, and went over and above what was strictly necessary to reproduce the costume.

It was also a total pleasure working with you. I particularly liked your enthusiasm for the project and your willingness to hunt for just the perfect fabric and trims. You even made your own appliqués so they look just like the movie version. I also really liked the fact that you sent me pictures of the costume as it was being assembled so that I could comment as you went along. Above all, I appreciate the way you put your heart and soul into this project.

I am definitely coming back to the Magic Wardrobe for all my future costumes. In fact, I’m already thinking about the next one!"

Ottawa, Canada

"It went VERY well.... He put the Vader helmet on and well, you get the idea. But wait, isn't Leia his daughter?! Oh well, he IS the Dark Lord so I guess it's ok if you're already evil anyway LOL!! I think he is very happy with it, so am I. Thanks again,"

Scottsdale, AZ

"The event at the Metreon went wonderfully. They had a television crew there, but no one else with cameras was allowed in, so I have no pictures for you >_>. Sorry! On the bright side, the costume [Supreme Kaioshin] went over *extremely* well, and won me a chance to meet and play against the creative designer of the game [Dragon Ball Z], among other things! I got to play three exhibition matches with him, in front of every one. It was very cool, and more than worth the price I paid. You guys are miracle workers. I gave a shout out to the film crew about The Magic Wardrobe, and to anyone who asked about my costume (which was almost everyone). Daisuke Uchiyama, the creative designer/producer I spoke of earlier, came dressed as Goku, and we made quite a pair. I had an absolute blast, and I was extremely glad that I attended, and that I had the good sense to go in costume, to boot. Once again, Liz, Nancy: you guys rock. If I can send any business your way, be sure that I will. Cheers,"

Castro Valley, CA

"... I think you're a miracle worker - worth every single penny - and more! ... thanks for all your remarkable efforts. You’re the best Liz! ... after New York City, the next rounds are in Los Angeles and Miami."

BFG Communications
Hilton Head Island, SC

"Things went surprisingly well, considering it was my first con [Otakon]. The jacket [Satoshi from Pokémon] was everything I expected it to be and more. In a word, PERFECT. It just may find its way into my regular rotation, it's that good."

Nottingham, MD

"It [The Punisher vest] is awesome. Such attention to detail. I just can't believe it. I am going to shuffle some people your way. Thanks for everything."

The Punisher
Alta Loma, CA

"I am glad Robin was able to share the photos with you. I also want to personally thank you for your time and efforts on this project. The dresses were fantastic and our clients and the president of our company commented on site how great the costumes looked.

I also want to thank you for how well organized all the garment bags were with the included photos. It was very helpful on site trying to get these girls dressed and ready for the event. Looking forward to working with you on more costumes for all our events."

BFG Communications
Hilton Head Island, SC

"It [Yu-Gi-Oh! wig] fits perfectly, and I must admit I am very pleased with it! I've already tried my full outfit on, and it works brilliantly."

Weeks later ...

"The con [Anime Expo] was absolutely great, thanks! The wig went down a treat (75+ people stopped and asked me for a picture of the outfit) so thank you very much for that! As soon as my pics are developed (I still do it the old-fashioned way), I'll scan a couple in and send them your way. Thanks again for the work you did!"

Dover, England

"The garments are just great and fit fabulously. That paper nylon was well worth the wait. It has that lovely 50's sound. One rarely hears that rustling sound nowadays. Your craftsmanship is first-rate and I wish you success in future endeavors. Thanks from a pleased customer."

Mystic, CT

"Hi, my bikini [Ursula Andress from Dr. No] arrived today. I LOVE IT!!!!! It fits great and it looks amazing. This bikini makes me want to run around on a beach with a young Sean Connery (well , I would want to do that anyway, but now I can be dressed appropriately!). Thank you sooooo much! You are very, very wonderful (like my bikini)! I will most definitely contact you in the future if I want something else made (and that is highly likely!). I will tell everyone who asks me where I got it and about you, as well as all of my friends (and perhaps strangers I pass on the street if I continue to be this excited about it!). Thanks again ..."

Jamestown, TN

"I can't wait until next Halloween! I think it [Princess Leia] is really cute and comfortable and that you did a great job! I will recommend your costumes to other girls that I know!! ... Now if I can find a date who doesn't mind going as Chewy!"

New York, NY

"Dear Elizabeth, This is just to say thank you for the skirts. They are excellent. Well done! We must do business again soon. Yours,"

Leeds, England

"I forgot to bring a camera to the party I had, but I just thought I'd let
you know the costume [Dorothy] was a huge success. My friends loved it, I loved it, and I really have to thank you again for the amazing job you did on it!"

Nashville, TN

" ... the [prospect] who is deciding to go with ... is making a BIG mistake. While it's true that ... has been around for a while and made a lot of Han Solo costumes, the fabric colors and types that he uses are very inaccurate. The only part of the ... Han Solo costume that I would consider half decent is the black sleeveless vest, but it's still not as accurate as the one that you made for me. He uses the incorrect fabric for the shirt (it's too thin and is not cream colored). The pants are stretchy fabric instead of denim, the color is too light and the red stripes are much too thin and spaced apart too much.

I'm speaking from experience here because I used to own an entire Han Solo costume from ... I was really disappointed when I received it and I contacted him and asked him if he would be prepared to work with me on getting it more accurate. He took the arrogant decision that it was "good enough". It was at this point that I contacted you and Liz to make costumes for me.

The costumes [Princess Leia, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker] that Liz made were TEN times better than the one I received from ... Kind regards, "

Birmingham, England

"Liz, I just wanted to know I received my costume [Princess Leia] today and it's perfect!! The fit is just right and I absolutely love it. I just tried it on with the boots, wig and blaster. Carrie Fisher's got nothing on me. Thanks again for everything, sorry about the rush ..."

Brooklyn , NY

"Yes, it [Romulan from Star Trek] worked out quite well. Antagonizing the Klingons was probably the most fun I had the whole time."

Naperville, IL

PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER "Everything worked out well thank you. Many people commented on the quality of it [Kane] so that is a compliment to the fine work you did on it."

Seattle, WA

"After seeing the quality of the work, it didn't take much convincing for my girlfriend to wear it [Princess Leia]. She was impressed to a spectacular degree. Lucky for us it was a warm Halloween. I don't have any pictures unfortunately. Thank you so much for all your hard work."

Hartford, CT

"I am X-static about the results. It is great I can tell it [Wolverine in X-Men] was a lot of work., thanks alot and I will send a few pictures soon ... I really like the looks of the top and will probably use it as a motorcycle jacket in the spring."

Boulder, CO

"Hi again, I didn’t enter any of the contests. Star Wars costumes have been around for so long that most judges are tired of seeing them and never award them regardless of how detailed and precise they are. It’s a shame, but most Star Wars costumes are completely overlooked. However, the response from the general public and die hard Star Wars costumers was fantastic! Having Star Wars costume Nazis tell me I looked amazing, was really the best compliment I could ask for. I’m convinced that I have the best Bouschh costume out there. I hope to wear it again fairly soon. I have an event in January."

Savannah , GA

"Holy Cow! It [Crais Jacket] is incredible! The details are amazing. My friend’s nephew who is 5 saw it and his jaw dropped... all he could say was "wow!" I especially love the Peacekeeper symbols near the collar. The velcro was a great addition so that if the jacket needs to be dry cleaned it can be removed. The rank stripes on the sleeve are another wonderful detail. The fit is perfect, the material is perfect.

We're finishing up our pulse pistols complete with LEDs and Laser Sights, the Talon interface neck module, and gathering the last few clothing pieces so we'll be ready for ScaperCon in August! I'll take plenty of digital pics to send to you in the full regalia. We are going to blow everyone out of the water! Also, I'll be sure to point any interested people at the Con to your web site with the business cards you enclosed. Thanks again! You rock-out, Anty Lyz!”

Minneapolis, MN

“The Summit was GREAT! Everyone LOVED your work. I have some great shots that I need to get reprints of to send to you. Kathy (Mike’s wife) and I did some great side-by-side shots of the evening gowns
[30's Evening Gown] and I have a FABULOUS shot from the deck of the ship in the nightgown [30's Nightgown]. It was a blast to walk out and see all the boys' reactions! There was ‘popping and ogling‘!!! ...

Mike's dinner jacket [30's Evening Jacket] was just fabulous -- there's a wonderful shot of him and a guy who goes by Sergei on IndyGear, both in white (or rather, ivory) dinner jackets. Highly classy. It's posted in the Events section of IndyGear, so you have to be a registered user to access that section....but I can try to pull the shot off and email it to you.

Thank you, once again, for everything. Being able to wear your wonderful costumes at the Summit was amazing. I think that weekend was the most fun I've ever had in my life. It still would have been fun without the costumes, but they made it that much better.

I do hope that at least some of the people who asked me for your cards get in touch with you for some costumes of their own. Since you mentioned Willie's dress from the beginning of Temple of Doom, I've been coveting it...that's something I'll definitely be having you make in the future -- hopefully in time for next year's Summit! We shall see... Thanks!"

Arcata, CA

"I'm speechless. To give you an idea of the euphoric stupor I'm in when I look at it [Maxi from Soul Calibur], think of this:

Blindfold Homer Simpson and place him in the corner of a dark room. Have a single down light highlight the box in the room. Remove Homer's blindfold. Watch Homer Carefully.

See how I feel?"

Chicago, IL

"Finally got the costume after clearing it thru customs... none-the-less, I got it out and put it all together. It was worth every cent I paid and will be worth even more when I become the most photographed person at my local Star Wars Episode 3 Premiere. :-)

LOL... So I won't be able to share any photos with you until I get photographed... When I do get a photo - I will indeed share it with you!

I especially love the brown undies... classic! I'm looking forward to wearing it to the Premiere so much or even a costume party of some kind... I will be a hit. :-)"

Gold Coast, Australia

"I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful Alice in Wonderland costume. It fits perfectly and it is so comfortable and it is so pretty. So thanks again for the awesome costume. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!"

Philadelphia, PA

"The dress fits wonderfully. I love the bright colors. The fabric is really what I was looking for. I was really pleased that the dress came with the petticoat included in it, which I hadn't realized.

I was amazed at how quickly you did the work too. Thanks so much for great service."

Minneapolis, MN


"Fits perfectly. I was surprised at the weight. I thought it would be heavier, but that is fine. The full cape is quite heavy. I am glad I got it for evenings on the town. The scarf is perfect too. I have been wanting this coat [The Shadow] for the past 10 years, and now my dream coat has come true. Thanks for all you have done on it.

P.S. The pockets are perfect."

Arlington Heights, IL


"Kennedy won the City of Vicksburg costume contest. She won her age group and the overall. She was so cute. Her picture was on the front page of the newspaper. Thank you so much. She got so many compliments. I am sure that I will be contacting you again in the future. Thanks again."

Vicksburg, MS


"The costume was amazing!!!! It was perfect and I have soooo many requests from girlfriends to borrow it next year. One even wants to wear it just for her boyfriend. How would we change the skirt to the original design? Could she take it to a tailor or should we send it back??? Let me know. I think a few pictures were taken at the party, yet it was pretty wild, if so I'll forward them to you. I can't wait to plan a costume for next year. Thanks again."

San Diego, CA


"A million thanks. The dress [Marion Ravenwood in Indiana Jones] looks so lovely!! I can't wait to go over to John's and show him it on!!! This is so incredibly exciting to me -- this is something I have wanted for a very long time. Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Did I say wow?! It is amazing. It fits wonderfully and everything is perfect.

You are awesome. Once more, THANK YOU, with all my heart. I feel like a princess in it!! (and even more so like Marion!). You have been a pleasure to work with through this whole process. I shall definitely recommend you to others (Minnesota Jones" is already planning on ordering a Marion dress for his wife), and I hope I will be able to have you make me another costume in the future (the Leia slave outfit seems to be calling my name...!) We shall remain in touch. I will get you pictures ASAP, and I hope to meet you soon... thank you so much for all your time, effort, and care in making a dream come true. Sincerely,"

Mary, a.k.a. Maryon
Arcata, CA


"By all reports the costume is wonderful - Jenny [granddaughter] is very, very pleased. You did a great job! Thank you so much for all of the work you put into it [Harry Potter School Uniform], and I am certain we will be contacting you again as next Halloween approaches! All the best,"

Grandma Corinne
Cincinnati, OH


"The [Harry Potter] tie arrived this morning. I'm very impressed that you could get the fabric to lie so flat, with all the stitched-together stripes. It looks super and arrived with time to spare.

I completely understand about the price -- this tie has proven a great deal more time-consuming than any of us would have thought! I'm just delighted you were able to produce it at all.

The tie really is nice, and I'm very happy with your customer service and prompt delivery. If I encounter any more costuming projects that I can't handle on my own, I'm sure you'll hear from me again! Many thanks,"

Provo, UT


"I love it! It fits perfectly! I wore it [Kylie Minogue] to a costume party on Saturday night and everyone thought it was awesome. I am really excited to wear it out on Halloween. I am wearing it out to the bars and clubs and none of my friends have never seen me dressed like a women before so that should be interesting. Plus the outfit is so slutty and revealing, it is fun to wear in public. Thanks again so much!"

Oregon City, OR


"I have to tell you that I love the way it [Mace Windu Jedi] all turned out. Specifically I love the colors, the fabric choices, the robe turned out exactly as I had wanted it and the overall look is very impressive. Well worth it. I love the detail on the belt and the 'pouches' looked superb.

For the future if I am to ever do this again, I would explore using lighter weight fabrics. When the whole thing is on, it is quite heavy, which is nice in one sense since it gives it a sense of substance.

Thanks for all the great effort and if I have a chance to point someone in your direction, I will be sure to do it. Thanks a lot and all the best to you."

Garner, NC


"Thank you so much for the costume. Looks GREAT! Boyfriend approves!!! (boy does he ever ;) ). Should be a hit at the charity event on Saturday. Again thank you so much. Very good job!"

Miami, FL


"I just want to thank you so much for making such a wonderful costume [Queen of the Damned]... It has a life of its own... The Exotic Erotic Ball was very fun... I could not walk more than two steps without someone asking to take a picture -- once one picture was being taking 10 more camera flashed at the same time... I was crazy!!! I made it on stage for the costume contest but by the end of the elimination it became an exotic contest so I gracefully walked off... But not before I had many pictures taken. After the contest, I had so many people come up and tell me that I should have won (and deep down I know that if it was just based costume then I DID!) attached are some pictures that I took... Enjoy! (My personal favorite is Akasha with Devil). Talk to you in August about next year's costume!!!"

"P.S. Just another FYI - E! Entertainment interviewed me as Akasha last night on a Wild On E! - Trashy Lingerie Party. I was introduced as the female with the most original and amazing costume at the party by the host - I did a turn and shown for the camera, she asked me some questions regarding why I picked my costume and then I was asked to act like a vampire (showing my costume again and my teeth like I was going to attack the camera - I had to do this several times to make sure that they had it) without the host in the shot. So it is safe to say that your costume is going to be featured on an episode of Wild On E! in the near future."

Los Angeles, CA


"Not only am I happy with [Risqu Satine] but so is everybody else who lays eyes on it =). I felt like the belle of the ball. It is wonderful... I can't wait to wear it again. Blessings,"

San Jose, CA


"The good news: I'm wearing the Finale dress and it's brilliant!!! I ADORE IT!!! I just couldn't wait to try it!! The bad news: I am stuck in it and had to call a pal, who is on his way over to help me out of it again so I can go out and work!!! I mean it's actually very funny and serves me right for not waiting I guess!!! ... The top hat, necklace and headdress are great! Anyway, I will try them on as soon as I can and let you know.

Hey, I had some more fun with it all tonight. My friend, the one who rescued me from the Finale earlier today, and his boyfriend, (oh, and by the way, [one] is also my ex-fianc... that was before he realized he was gay but now we are brilliant friends and I'd rather marry his boyfriend!)... anyway, they came over tonight for a meal and things and one asked me to put on Black Diamonds. I said only if he promised to help me out of it!! ;) Anyway, I did and it is just so AMAZING!!! Words don't do it justice!!! They are gonna help me make a film of me in both outfits. I mimed to 'Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend'!!! They also suggested I have both of them on display when I'm not wearing them! That's a really cool idea!! I might get a dummy for Black Diamonds so she can welcome people into my home!! WOW!!!!!!! They both agreed that Black Diamonds is more obviously Moulin Rouge and yet the Finale is more beautiful! [One] reckons I should get married in the Finale!! ;) Thanks again and again!! XOXOXOX"

"... Penny as Finale Satine in Moulin Rouge!!! Yes, we won the best female costume Oscar at Joe's party!!! Plus I sang 'Come What May' with Nic behind me doing it on Joe's wide screen TV and people were totally wowed by the costume!!! Cries of 'awesome' and 'gorgeous' and 'amazing' and 'totally glamorous' and (after I hid for a bit cos there were SO many people and I found it a little scary) 'how can you hide away when there is such beauty to look at you in that costume'!!! I'll send you pics when I get them.

Thanks again and please tell everyone who worked on it that it was so, so worth it and they have made me and those who saw me extremely happy!!!

P.S. Black Diamonds didn't go to the party... I am saving her for something else!! ;)"

London, England


"I just wanted to let you know that my fabulous hat arrived, and I'm delighted with it! It's absolutely spectacular, and I'm so pleased at how closely it resembles the original. Thank you very much for surpassing my expectations and hopes. Please thank Julie for me for her terrific job!

I'll definitely send you a picture of me in my hat... I know everyone at the Somewhere in Time weekend will be wowed by Julie's handiwork too. Best,"

"I just got back from the Somewhere in Time weekend and I wanted to let you know what a big hit my hat was. So many people stopped me to tell me how spectacular it was, both those who recognized it from the movie and those who probably had never even seen the movie! It got so many compliments that I have to admit I felt a little jealous at how it upstaged the dress I'd made. :) I'll definitely send you some pictures of me in the hat soon, but I wanted to go ahead and let you and Julie know what a great response the hat got. Thanks so much for creating such a fabulous finish to my costume! Best,"

Atlanta, GA


"Well, let me tell you...it was the last present she opened this afternoon, and her smile was from her toes. As she examined the robe, she truly seemed lost in wonder... at the Hogwarts insignia, and then, when she looked inside and saw the Griffindor House patch, she said 'Oh, mom LOOK! It's even got Griffindor House on it! ' She modeled it twice, once for each side, and just beamed.

I had hoped for a good reaction from her. The reaction I saw erased all the tears during 7 days in the hospital, all the sleep deprivation during months of recovery, and all the miles driving to physical therapy... for a precious moment as I looked at her smile I knew peace and joy.... and that is priceless...

Thank you. Immensely. YOU all made it a happy birthday for a little girl on a long journey. (I did warn her thought that if things start disappearing around the house, that the magic cloak will be quarantined!!). Sincerely,"

Marilyn & Mikki
Cincinnati, OH


"Hello! Hehe, yes, I'm sorry I haven't written back to gush over it yet, I haven't had much of a chance to get online. But yes, the dress is absolutely beyond gorgeous, and fits perfectly! I don't think there would be anything to adjust on the bodice, so I don't even see any reason to send that back for changes...

It is difficult to get on without assistance...<laughs> well, impossible actually, but that's really just fine, unless you have any suggestions [ she needs a dresser ]. I just wanted to ask, in case there was something I was completely missing.

Thank you and all of your staff so very much for this beautiful dress. It's breathtaking, and I absolutely love it!"

St. Paul Park, MN


"The costume is too precious. I just took pictures. I think I’m going to go in and have some professionally done. I’ll send them in within the next week.

By the way, I tried the costume out on several of my neighbors and they laughed and couldn’t get over it. Romeo [Rat Terrier] was humiliated, but he agreed to stand in different poses for us.

Liz, you do outstanding work. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You."

Fullerton, CA


"I must tell you, I am VERY impressed with the corset. I cannot fault it - give my compliments to Liz. Now comes the hard task of the over-the-bust model. You may have to use her as mannequin, because it takes visuality."

Thomas B. Lierse, founder
Long Island Staylace Association


"Just received the outfit and it is BEAUTIFUL! I tried it on and it fit very well, I love the shorts! I felt very sexy and imperial like an aristocrat
[Rhona Mitra in Beowulf]. Thank you very much for such a wonderful job."

What did your husband think?

"I finally sprung the dress on him and he LOVES it! He especially like the shorts, says that it was shiny. Wearing the dress made me feel very beautiful and sexy, I was very empowered by it :). Thanks again, pictures will take some time, but I won't forget it."

Glendale, AZ


"Its great!! I was waiting for some pictures to send back to you. I only have one. This one is of me and the star Laura Betrum [in Gene Rodenberry's Andromeda]. She [Laura or Trance Gemini] loved it. I have to say I was the star of the convention because everyone was looking to take pictures with me... I probably won't wear it again... I had her sign the skirt... Thanks a bunch. Love,

P.S. LOL, well my husband has been bugging me to where it for him...especially the velcro skirt... lol..."

Pleasant Valley, NY


"It is difficult to imagine a more perfect dress than Satine’s Red Victorian from Moulin Rouge for one’s Sweet 16 Costume Party. Juliane looked regal and felt beautiful. The color, fabric and style worked together so that one’s eyes were always drawn to her in any configuration of people. It is a dress that enhanced Juli’s beauty and created a strong visual impression with ease. It never seemed like she was trying too hard.

We approached The Magic Wardrobe (geographically based on the other side of the country) about making the dress with little time to spare. Mark and Liz worked with us to meet the deadline. Mark guided us through the preliminary discussions about stylistic choices, fabric options, and financial arrangements. Then, ever concerned about the customer’s comfort level, turned things over to Anty Lyz for more delicate discussions concerning measurements and other such things. I enjoyed getting to know both of them via e-mail…they share a common vision for their business... Their major concern was always that the dress be perfect for Juliane. And it was. Would we recommend The Magic Wardrobe to others? In a heart beat!!"

Rachel (Juliane’s mom)
Wayne, NJ


"Hello Elizabeth. Gregg here. I bought one of your amazing 'Futuristic Princess' (heh ;) costumes a month or so ago. I was really impressed by your professionalism, your promptness and the quality of your work. So much so that I want to talk to you about making some more costumes for me. I am a filmmaker in Orlando FL. I have recently started pre-production on a music video for the band [ lack permission to name ]. This is for one of their older songs called [ lack permission to name ]. The song is sci-fi and I will be doing a full-on sci-fi video for it. This project is being done by me as a fan (with the band's approval) and is being financed out of my pocket. I have a small budget for the costumes and would love for you to do them. Is this something you would be interested in?"

Orlando, FL


"Oh my gosh! The mail lady brought me my package today. What a happy day it is! I am very very excited. When my husband gets home I shall haul them out outside for pictures.

I almost fell out of my chair, [they are] so unbelievably CUTE! I am just so fantastically pleased!! Yipppeeeee! I shall take many pictures.

These are just the absolute best!! You did an amazing and wonderful job. October seems so far away. Thank you. Thank you a million times, thank you!!!"

Round Rock, TX


"... they look great and we're really happy. Thanks again. I should let you know these are actually for our wedding. We are dressing as Han & Leia, and most of the guests are coming in costume. If you'd like, I'll try and send you pics..."

East Elmhurst, NY


"...your products, the Little Girl's 50's style slip and the rumba panties, are of highest quality material and made to the customer's specification..."

Toronto, Canada


"Although it is her birthday on Sunday, her party is the following week and at 4 years old I can trick her about the dates.

Yes, it is lovely, I didn't take any digital photos though, so next time she has it on I will send you something. Thank you,"

Melbourne, Australia


"OH MY GOD!!! You people amaze me! The costume is beautiful. In all honesty I was wondering how well it was going to fit me without being able to try it on. I ran home, hoping it would arrive today, when I saw it waiting for me I tried it on immediately and to my surprise with a couple adjustments to the top it fit like a glove. (I know you had my measurements but for some reason I thought that wasn't enough). But I was proven so wrong. It is better than I was hoping. I also received it so quick. You guys did such a good job in such a short amount of time, I thought I was going to have to wait much longer. No words can describe how happy I am, Thank you for all your help and patience. I will definitely send you a picture. You are the best,."

Stamford, CT


"I have been a huge Star Wars fan since I was little, and my boyfriend and I wanted to dress up for the premiere and also for future sci-fi conventions that we are planning to attend. My boyfriend wanted to be a Storm Trooper, and I wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming Princess Leia.

I found Liz and The Magic Wardrobe through a web search engine. After finding out more about her and her wonderful company, Liz quoted me prices and I decided to go ahead and commission her to make the Princess Leia Ceremonial Gown costume for me. The costume that was pictured on the site did not originally include the necklace that Leia wore in the film, so I asked Liz to make that for me as well.

Liz and Mark took many pictures of the progress of the dress and I as able to see everything come together step by step. It was like I was able to work hand in hand with the costume designers to have a finished product that was to my exact specifications. Liz took into consideration fabric choices for me, as I was going to be wearing the dress in very warm weather. She helped to ensure that the whole project was as realistic as possible.

All in all, I am thrilled with my gown, and I can’t wait to wear it to the premiere. I know I am going to get a lot of use out of it, and I couldn’t be happier with the way I was treated and the outcome of the project. I will be sure to do business with Liz, Mark and The Magic Wardrobe gain in the future should my costume needs ever call for it."

Sedona, AZ


"Hi its Dro just got da holster today its great. All it needs is a little beatin' cause da leather is stiff but what u did is great work Thank Liz 4 me. I'll send a pic as soon as i can. THANKS U GUYS... my older brother wants 2 steal it cause he doesn't want 2 waste da money on is own. after i go 2 da premiere then we'll know how fans react. but till now only compliments. thanks Liz"

Bronx, NY


" I wore the costume for the first time last night (Star Wars toys went on sale at midnight). I took a few pictures, and will send them on to you, but it might be another week or two since I'm not modern enough to have a digital camera. Luckily, I also stopped by the Mann Chinese Theatre to say hi to the people in line for movie tickets, and they snapped a few shots with me. Everyone was very impressed with the costume. A note - the bra is fine... Very comfortable. Also, I only wore the smaller headpiece last night. This was just a trial run (the premiere is 21 days away), and I didn't have anyone to help me with my hair. Thanks so much for everything. I'll send better pictures later."

Los Angeles, CA

"We had an unexpected visit by Slave Leia tonight, fully dressed up in the outfit and very easy on the eyes, I might add. I don't recall seeing so much Slave Leia [butt] in the movie though. This version was better, she shows more. When Josh uploads his latest set of pictures you'll see her. Josh and I "posed" for pictures with her lol."

Los Angeles, CA


"The petticoats are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! What a job! I'm ecstatic! Far beyond my expectations. I am so happy you layered in the way you did. They look, great! So feminine! I especially like the heaviness and "substance" of the skirt. However, the only comment I can make is that perhaps we can use a slightly heavier nylon for the yoke to help enhance that "substantial" look. I got to tell you, if this is any indication of Elizabeth's work, well, we're off!"

Hauppauge, NY


"The skirt is beautiful, I adore it... Liz, the corset is great. It was a hit! I won the costume contest, of course... I adore it! Great work! Thanks again... xoxo's"

Tacoma, WA


"It fits perfectly. I like it, especially the black robe buttons. It's really cool, and I like how the sleeves look like Darth Maul's in the movie. The hood is cool too. Thanks for making it for me. I really like it!

Some people could be getting ready for the Star Wars convention coming up, which I hope I can go to. I'm going to wear the robe there. It will be fun."

Springboro, OH


"The items came yesterday. They are great! Thanks so much. I am part of a group of flamingo lovers so if you get anything new, feel free to email me! Thanks again for your great service!"

Rochester, MI


"Jake received his Harry Potter Robe today -- He LOVES it. You did such a beautiful job -- thank you so much!!"

Reno, NV


“The bow ties are great - I'll be wearing them next week at the Southern California User Conference. Stunning! Good luck with the new line. Thanks for everything.”

San Mateo, CA


"Hi, received the box today... the boxers and the tote are wonderful. Thanks so much. Hope you get lots of orders from Flamingo Fanny. Anything flamingo is always a go."

Miami, FL


"My rocket suit project has been a labor of love involving over three years of exhaustive research. When I was ready to explore jacket design, I had a very clear idea of what I was after: an extremely accurate replica of the 1949 original

The Magic Wardrobe crafted a stunning representation of the famous black leather jacket which is visually precise, well fitting and extremely comfortable. Liz is both a gifted artisan and no-nonsense professional. I highly recommend The Magic Wardrobe to any Rocketman or Commando Cody fan in search of their own replica flying suit!"

Elk Grove, CA


"The costumes in Twisted Cabaret have been a collaborative effort. Virtually all of the illusion creating costumes (Dancing Girls, Guru, Maurice, Newlyweds), as well as a number of the other costumes are original designs by Frank Olivier.

Liz Galeria at The Magic Wardrobe has helped incredibly with design work as well as stitching the designs into actual costumes. She is wonderful."

Twisted Cabaret
Oakland, CA


"Hi there... just wanted to let you know that I think the Santa outfit that you made for me is great. The workwoman ship is first rate and everyone that has seen it so far loves it.

Much better than the "new style" Santa outfits. This one is truly "Old World" in both its style and quality.

Thanks again for your good work. You're really the top "Elf" in your field!"

San Leandro, CA


"This is great! My son is going to be so surprised to have Daddy in costume. I will definitely come to you for costumes next year."

San Francisco, CA


"Personally, I am GLAD you sent the box to my address in Clearwater because, the costume is so, so, so darned CUTE and ADORABLE, that if you had sent it to Randy's first, I MIGHT NOT EVEN GET A CHANCE TO TRY IT ON! YOU'D BE GETTING PICTURES OF HIM WEARING IT! And I'd be standing in the background hopping up and down, going "My turn! When is it my turn to try it on!" LOL! So, thanks for thinking ahead and sending it to Tink first! ;)

I want you to know that I tried it on right away (of course) and at first glance everything fits quite well. I wasn't able to work with the corset laces by myself, so Randy will have to help me adjust the tightness level there. And I also wasn't able to get the wings on by myself. ;( I wanna get the wings on! I love the wings. They are perky and floppy ... You put bells EVERYWHERE and I LOVE THE BELLS. I have always been a jingle bell faerie and so that is significant for me. Thank you or that.

I have to tell you, my current landlady/roommate is a theatre director with over 30 years of experience with costumes and costume designers. When she saw the workmanship of the Tink costume, she flipped. She couldn't say enough about how skilled and professional a costume it is - to say nothing of how she enjoyed watching me skip around the house wearing it, while she was trying to have a serious casting conversation with a member of a play she is working on currently! LOL! hehehehe. But she is used to me by now! I wanted you to really hear that compliment though, Liz, because Scottie knows her stuff and helped draw the original rendering and you need to hear how GOOD you really are at your craft!

Blessings to you both for all your patience, hard work, flexibility and vision. You have created a real work of art. It will be treasured for a lifetime, Love and Light,"

Clearwater, FL

"... haven't had a sec yet for pictures... she likes her pretty new panties... and right now she is at the extreme stage...and its extremely draining to have our boy dog turned into hump master extraordinaire...

We take her panties off to let her outside to piddle (and keep him inside of course), but he will actually grab her panties and run off to a corner with them.

Anyway, thank you so much,"

Seattle, WA


"OH KEWL... I will feel so special!!! I love the length of the cape, and the whole top is gorgeous. Anyway, I want to complement you on some wonderful work! This is by far the cutest "little boy" outfit I've ever had, and I can see that you're going to be very successful in this business!

Thanks again for an amazing piece of work!"

Tampa, FL



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