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Customer service is a priority. If you haven’t received a reply to an inquiry within 4-8 hours, it may be because our Spam Filter intercepted it. Please resend your inquiry if you haven’t heard from us within 24 hrs. Please double-check your email address. Often we receive questions or requests for quotes (RFQs) with inaccurate email addresses and we can’t contact you. Please send us pictures. It may take longer to turnaround responses to your concerns, questions and quotes if you don't send pictures.

Under very rare circumstances, your order may require alterations to fit perfectly. Don't worry, we will make the alterations and changes necessary, and refund the return shipping provided you give us ample time to do it. If you have a special occasion that you need your costume for and there isn't enough time to send it back to us and get it back to you on time, we cannot absorb the cost of your local tailor unless we agree to the cost at the time of your request.

There are no refunds on custom orders because everything is custom made to fit you and made to your vision or spec. The Magic Wardrobe provides you some protection and insurance up to $950 through Square Trade and PayPal. We make every effort to make you happy and do the right thing. Please also check our FAQs page at the link above.

Please contact us at support@the-magic-wardrobe.com if there's a sense of urgency to your questions or concerns. We respond to these inquiries 16x7. Thank you for selecting The Magic Wardrobe for costuming your special event.



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