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About Us : Costume Sales Cycle

Often a prospect does not see what one is looking for on our web site, but we can make just about anything. Please see our New Costume Request page.

The process begins with your vision. Please describe it. Send us pictures (JPEG, BMP or GIF preferably). If we need to, we research it. When our designers visualize your description, we then may draw a rendering. We go through an iterative process of how you want your costume to look and feel. We make whatever changes you desire within reason. Once you decide that we’ve got it, we quote you a price, options and terms.

We won’t compromise your vision unless it violates copyright laws. We also don’t compromise on using quality materials and workmanship. We can sometimes use less expensive materials (e.g., pleather instead of leather, satin instead of silk) to lower cost. We can sometimes stitch and construct using theatre quality instead of historically accurate or museum quality. We could also incorporate less detail than originally envisioned to lower costs. These options are discussed as needed. The most expensive cost in a commissioned work is labor. These are fixed costs depending on required skill and experience.

Once we agree to go forward, we require 100% of the cost up front on costumes under $400.00. For costumes that are more expensive, we require 50% of the cost up front to begin the project. We may send you pictures of the materials selected. Sometimes, you may need to feel the fabric swatches, so we send them to you. Once we agree on the materials, we begin your project. Turnaround time varies greatly. It can be as little as a few days to as long as a few weeks or months. Sometimes we are challenged to find the perfect materials, and a project gets delayed. However, you are informed of our progress in detail at each stage of the project lifecycle. The most challenging aspect of every project is finding the perfect materials.

During each step of the project, we may send you pictures so that you can freely comment on our progress and suggest changes that may be required. We make every effort to design to your specifications and give you exactly what you want even if we have to do something over again. Sometimes we have to compromise our original vision and we discuss it. Reasonable requests are generally accommodated. As a rule, all the details that are important to you should be documented in email. If you do not document your requirements, and leave too much to chance or assumptions, miscommunication may happen and bumps in the process result. There are no contracts or refunds, so please spell everything out clearly at the beginning. Please, no surprises unless you are willing to consider adjustments in the cost of the project. Sometimes, mistakes happen and every effort is made to find a mutually agreed upon solution.

We provide insurance that covers you for up to $950 on PayPal transactions. Insurance is optional and not included on other payment methods. Sometimes, we carry the insurance ourselves, or we purchase insurance through the carrier.

We make every effort to always be straightforward with you and sometimes in one-of-a-kind projects, compromises need to be considered and accepted. Generally, we require another 25% payment once we are well along in the process because you can see evidence of the project nearing completion. We require final payment, including shipping and insurance, before we ship your order. Shipping costs vary greatly, but we try to quote you up front, and we prefer to use carriers with tracking.

Under rare circumstances, your order may require alterations to fit perfectly. We will absorb the cost of alterations and shipping provided you give us ample time to get the job done right.

We do accept jobs on very short notice, but we may charge extra to requeue projects to get your project done on time.

Thank you for your further consideration and patronage.



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