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About Us : Co-Founder & Lead Costume Designer



Liz Galeria - a.k.a. Anty Lyz - majored in theatre arts in college. Her favorite work is specialty costumes. She has designed or worked on almost every costume era from pre-historic to space aliens.

While working as a show dresser in Reno, NV, she worked with exotic dancers and mastered the fine art of rip-away costumes. Her fashion design work includes many different styles and eras of costumes, clothing, lingerie, corsets and headwear for all walks of life, including several female impersonators, such as Holotta Tymes of Tyme of Your Life Productions.

Some of her most rewarding design work was with performance artist Frank Olivier of the Twisted Cabaret. She was artistically stretched, pushed and pulled to design some of her most creative costumes and secret designs.

She loves making all kinds of corsets, including rehearsal (training), show (much tighter), re-enactment (historically correct), tight-lacing (very tight) and many costume type corsets. She also teaches corset and lingerie making classes in Castro Valley, CA.

Her background includes seasons at the local Renaissance Faire, The San Francisco Opera, and many small theatre groups in the Bay Area. In 1993, she worked for the Redwood City Community Theatre and designed costumes for their production of Jesus Christ Superstar, which earned a nomination from the San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Guild.

She's done a lot of work over the years for some impressive clients, including Bette Midler for The San Francisco Opera in Walt Disney's Hocus Pocus. She also worked on costumes for MC Hammer and crew for his Comeback Tour.

Several years ago, Liz credits her partner with a vision of this company and it's considerable growth. Mark and Liz have since created several franchises to specialize in certain vertical markets.

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